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Pottawattamie County

About: Founded in 1848, Pottawattamie County was named after the Potawatomi Native American tribe. The county has five park systems and three wildlife areas where visitors can hike, boat, camp and fish. The Union Pacific Railroad Museum is located in Council Bluffs where you can see old photographs and equipment from the transcontinental railroad. Pottawattamie County offers a variety of activities including orchards, casinos and different shopping areas. As a Home Base Community, Pottawattamie County has a strong commitment to veteran job placement, health care and education.
Fourteen communities within Pottawattamie County have adopted resolutions of support for the Home Base Iowa initiative.

Date of HBI Establishment: May 2017

Home Base Iowa Incentives: Pottawattamie County Veteran Incentives

Cities: Avoca, Carson, Carter Lake, Council Bluffs, Crescent, Hancock, Macedonia, McClelland, Minden, Neola, Oakland, Treynor, Underwood, Walnut

Website: Pottawattamie County

Contact: Darlene McMartin / Darlene.McMartin@pottcounty-ia.gov / 712.328.5797



An Introduction to HBI Cities

Home Base Iowa logoHome Base Iowa (HBI) Cities provide incentives that stand alone or complement those offered by the county and state. They offer additional resources and discounts for veterans who relocate into these communities. HBI Cities have completed a city council resolution supporting the program, provide an incentive/welcome package, ensure 10 percent of eligible businesses are HBI businesses and have the ability to purchase HBI signs. Click here to see all HBI Cities

Learn more about these cities below:


​Avoca was established in 1869 when the Rock Island Railroad came through from Des Moines going to Council Bluffs. Our name came from a poem by Thomas Moore called "The Meeting of the Waters." This derived from an old Irish tale, "Vale of Avoca," meaning where the bright waters meet.

Date of HBI Establishment: May 2017

Home Base Iowa Incentives: City of Avoca Veteran Incentives

City Website: http://www.cityofavoca.com/index.php

Contact: Darlene McMartin / Darlene.McMartin@pottcounty-ia.gov / 712-328-5797


In 1880, the Burlington and Rock Island Railroad began to provide transportation access to settlers located on the land that is now known as the City of Carson. During this time the first passengers and freight were unloaded in a field until a depot was built a few years later. With direct access to the railroad, plans began for the settlement and the City of Carson was officially given its present name and incorporated in 1881.  To accommodate this population growth that has occurred over the past century, the City has acquired several commercial and governmental operations to service the residents of Carson.  Some of these operations include two banks, post office, convenience store, restaurant, several local churches, the Carson park system which includes a campground, river canoe ramp and the Carr Rodeo Arena; the historic Dreamland Movie Theatre in Downtown; and our 11,000 square foot Community Center.

Date of HBI Establishment: May 2017

Home Base Iowa Incentives: City of Carson Veteran Incentives 

Website: www.carsongov.com

Contact: Brianne Duede / carsonclerk@futuretk.com / 712.484.3636


Carter Lake

In 1853, Edmond Jefferies filed a claim on thirty acres using his squatter's rights. Through the next fourteen years his land increased to seventy-eight acres and then to two thousand acres. In 1877, an ice gorge and unusually large spring runoff flooded the river thus creating Cut-Off Lake. In 1906, Cut-Off Lake became Lake Nakoma, after Peter A. Sarpy's Native American wife. The lake changed its name for the final time in 1908 to Carter Lake after Selina Carter-Cornish had donated some of land owned by her late husband, Levi Carter. From 1892 to 1912 Courtland Beach was a resort on the lake used by many wealthy Omahans. The resort included a pavilion, ballroom, and the boating club. World War I hero, Eddie Richenbacher won at the race track in Carter Lake averaging over 91.7 miles per hour. Eddie later went on to own the Indianapolis 500.

Date of HBI Establishment: May 2017

Home Base Iowa Incentives: City of Carter Lake Veteran Incentives 

Website: www.cityofcarterlake.com

Contact: Jackie Stender / Jackie.Stender@carterlake-ia.gov / 712-347-6320

Council Bluffs

In 1853, Grenville M. Dodge took charge of a crew surveying central Iowa to find a terminus for the Rock Island Railroad on the Missouri River.  Dodge chose Council Bluffs, and later he settled his growing young family there in 1855. Dodge and his brother created a banking house which merged into the Pacific National Bank and ultimately became the longest continuously chartered bank in Iowa's history.

Date of HBI Establishment: May 2017

Home Base Iowa Incentives: City of Council Bluffs Veteran Incentives 

City Website: http://www.councilbluffs-ia.gov/

Contact: Darlene McMartin / Darlene.McMartin@pottcounty-ia.gov / 712-328-5797


Minutes northeast of the Omaha/Council Bluffs metro area you'll find the small community of Crescent, Iowa. Here you'll find some of the world's most fertile soil, beautiful scenery, and about 550 friendly people. Take a drive on one of the historic highways that twist through the scenic Loess Hills and you'll pass things like a vineyard, ski hills, and nature centers... And then, you may find yourself double checking the map. Yes, this is Crescent, Iowa, and we are very proud to call it home!

Date of HBI Establishment: May 2017

Home Base Iowa Incentives: City of Crescent Veteran Incentives 

City Website: http://www.crescentiowa.com/

Contact: Darlene McMartin / Darlene.McMartin@pottcounty-ia.gov / 712-328-5797


The city of Hancock is in Pottawattamie County, Iowa, along the West Nishnabotna River. It is located in the Omaha-Council Bluffs metropolitan area. As of the 2010 census information the population was at 196.

Date of HBI Establishment: May 2017

Home Base Iowa Incentives: City of Hancock Veteran Incentives

Website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hancock,_Iowa  

Contact: Darlene McMartin / Darlene.McMartin@pottcounty-ia.gov / 712-328-5797


Macedonia is one of the oldest and most historic towns in Southwest Iowa. First founded on the east side of the Nishnabotna River in 1846, in 1880 it was moved to its present location due to frequent river flooding and the arrival of the CB&Q Railroad. The Mormon trail winds through the town and nearby countryside. The town has a covered grandstand that is one of two remaining in Iowa, a beautifully shaded park with playground equipment, picnic tables and an Eagle of Honor Veterans Monument. A half mile from town is the descent to the Nishnabotna River at Olde Town Park where Mormons crossed the river on limestone rock ledge. Macedonia has a historic past and looking towards a progressive future. 

Date of HBI Establishment: March 2016

Home Base Iowa Incentives: City of Macedonia Veteran Incentives

City Website: www.macedoniaiowa.com

Contact: Suzann Duede / macedoniacityhall@gmail.com / 712.486.2323


At the turn of the century, the Great Western Railroad, the only railroad that passed through Hardin Township, pushed its lines westward to a terminus in Council Bluffs. One of the first requirements of the new railroad was to determine several strategically located stops along it's line. These locations would serve multiple needs, such as watering stops and station points for passenger and freight traffic.As a result, the new town of McClelland sprang into existence.  Located about ten miles northeast of Council Bluffs , it was an ideal spot for the old steam engines to take on water after their struggle with the steep grades between the two towns.

Date of HBI Establishment: May 2017

Home Base Iowa Incentives: City of McClelland Veteran Incentives 

Website: www.cityofmcclelland.com

Contact: Denise Magnuson/ magnuson1971@gmail.com/ 402.670.1062


Minden, Iowa is located in Minden Township, the central township in the northern tier of Pottawattamie County. Minden Township was a part of Neola until 1877, when in answer to a petition of Mr. James Crow and the requisite number of signers, their petition was granted and the township took the name of the little town already formed on the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Line adjacent to the Keg Creek.

Date of HBI Establishment: May 2017

Home Base Iowa Incentives: City of Minden Veteran Incentives 

Website: www.mindeniowa.com

Contact: Darlene McMartin/ Darlene.McMartin@pottcounty-ia.gov /712-328-5797


​Neola was established in 1882.  The name of the town is of Indian origin meaning “Lookout” as the high hills of the area provided an excellent lookout for the various Indian tribes who migrated to these parts in the early days.  The city of Neola offers various housing incentives.  $15,000.00 incentive when you build a new home, $3,500.00 builder incentive to build a new home in Neola, $5,000.00 incentive when you purchase an existing home in Neola, and no interest loans up to $10,000.00 to rehabilitate an existing home in Neola. Neola has an indoor swimming pool, Neola Area Community Center, Quail Run Golf Course, Arrowhead Park, Phoenix Theatre and numerous other small businesses to accommodate your everyday life in Neola.

Date of HBI Establishment: May 2017

Home Base Iowa Incentives: City of Neola Veteran Incentives 

Website: www.neola-iowa.com 

Contact: Heidi Erwin / neolaclerks@walnutel.net / 712.485.2307 


Oakland was established at its present location in May of 1882. For many years, the town of Oakland primarily served as a rural agricultural service center. While the community still fills that role today, it is also  quickly evolving into a  bedroom community for the Omaha-Council Bluffs metropolitan area. Oakland possesses many businesses and amenities including three parks, a swimming pool, golf course, community center and West Nishnabotna River access. The Pottawattamie County Freedom Rock made its home in Chautauqua Park along with the 1st Battalion 168th Infantry Veterans memorial and the Eagles of Honor monument.

Date of HBI Establishment: May 2017

Home Base Iowa Incentives: City of Oakland Veteran Incentives 

Website: www.cityofoaklandiowa.com

Contact: Marissa Lockwood/ oaklandclerk@frontiernet.com/712.482.6811


​Treynor, originally named Four Corners, is located in southwest Iowa, 12 miles east of Council Bluffs, Iowa on Highway 92.  In 1893, a salesman by the name of Fritz Ehrig was visiting town and recommended that a post office be established.  The salesman told the postmaster that if he approved the post office, they would name the town after him.  Postmaster Treynor accepted the offer and a post office was established and the name of the town was changed to Treynor.  Treynor's motto "Treynor takes pride in its people"; is demonstrated in all aspects of living, to include: academic, athletic, business, and recreation. Visit our friendly community!

Date of HBI Establishment: May 2016

Home Base Iowa Incentives: City of Treynor Veteran Incentives

Website: www.cityoftreynor.com

Contact: Kelly Groskurth/ cityhall@cityoftreynor.com/ 712.487.3787


Underwood is located approximately 10 miles northeast of the Council Bluffs, Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska metropolitan area and is accessible from Interstate 80 at exit 17. Within the City of Underwood is an excellent educational system, community hall with tennis courts, baseball and softball complexes, soccer fields, the Trailhead Park with picnic pavilion, churches, Optimist Club, and a state of the art volunteer fire and rescue department.A large number of local facilities within 30 minutes of Underwood include golf courses, swimming pools, fitness centers, public library, theatres, opera, historical sites and museums, many fine restaurants and popular attractions such as the Old Market, Bluffs Run-Ameristar-Harrahs Casinos, Henry Doorly Zoo and Joslyn Art Museum.

Date of HBI Establishment: May 2017

Home Base Iowa Incentives: City of Underwood Veteran Incentives

City Website: www.underwoodia.com

Contact: Darlene McMartin / Darlene.McMartin@pottcounty-ia.gov(link sends e-mail) / 712-328-5797


Established in 1871, the city of Walnut, Iowa is rich in history--offering a step back in time to the many visitors who stop by year after year. Our brick streets are lined with historic buildings that house antique and unique specialty shops. Walnut's small town spirit continues to thrive today with the official title, Iowa's Antique City, given in 1985 by Governor Terry Branstad. The citizens and merchants of this little village have put Walnut on the map by offering a fun place to visit and an awesome place to live!

Date of HBI Establishment: May 2017

Home Base Iowa Incentives: City of Walnut Veteran Incentives 

City Website: www.walnutiowa.org

Contact: Darlene McMartin / Darlene.McMartin@pottcounty-ia.gov(link sends e-mail) / 712-328-5797

Pottawattamie County - Veteran Director

Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs Logo

County service offices assist veterans with compensation/pensions, medical care, military records, grave markers and veteran home loans. Some counties may also have dedicated funds to assist with temporary shelter/utilities, food/health supplies, medical/dental, job placement, counseling and transportation. To learn more, visit the Pottawattamie County Veterans Office.

The Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs, with the support of citizens, recognizes and honors Iowa’s veterans and their families by providing the highest quality programs, services and benefits. Each of Iowa’s 99 counties has a Commissioner of Veterans Affairs and a county director. Veterans may wish to utilize the county office as the first point of contact.



Council Bluffs IowaWORKS Center Information

Iowa Workforce Development Logo

IowaWORKS Centers are committed to providing quality employment services to all military service members and their spouses. All veterans and their spouse may be eligible for priority service.  Please let a team member know upon check-in of your veteran status. IowaWORKS Centers provide a full range of job/career assistance. Individual services include:

  • Career counseling and job search skills development
  • Help locating employment and Registered Apprenticeship opportunities
  • Academic skill testing and hands-on computer classes
  • Creating resumes/cover letters and interview preparation

Please visit or contact the Council Bluffs IowaWORKS Center for more information: 

Omni Centre Business Mall
300 W Broadway, Suite 13
Council Bluffs, IA 51503
Phone: 712-352-3486 
Email: Region13.Web@iwd.iowa.gov




Iowa National Guard Family Services

Iowa National Guard- Warrior and Family Services Branch LogoThe Warrior & Family Services Branch is a Joint Force initiative that provides assistance to all military families, regardless of branch or component, who find themselves beyond the support capability of active duty military facilities or their home units. The Warrior & Family Services Branch acts as a network that allows families to mutually support one another. By providing families with information, resources and support, the program strengthens both the unit and service members. To learn more about these services, visit Warrior & Family Services.



  Iowa Employer Support of the Guard and Reserves (ESGR)

Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve LogoThe Iowa ESGR team is comprised of approximately 106 dedicated volunteers and three full-time staff members prepared to engage, inform and support employers and reserve component members throughout the state. Iowa has a proud history of outstanding employer support for reserve component members. Today’s team continues this tradition through a strong emphasis on “prevention through education.” To learn more about these services, visit the Iowa ESGR.



Non-Profit Veteran Support Organizations

This is the American Legion logoThe American Legion was chartered by Congress in 1919 as a patriotic, war-time veteran organization devoted to mutual helpfulness. It is a community-service organization which has reached nearly three million members, men and women at almost 15,000 American Legion posts worldwide. These posts are organized into 55 departments -- one for each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, France, Mexico and the Philippines. The American Legion's national headquarters is in Indianapolis, with additional offices in Washington, D.C. The American Legion Department of Iowa is headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa.  The Department Service Office is located in the Federal Building in Des Moines, with an additional office located in the VA Medical Center in Iowa City. Visit the Iowa Legion or email: info@ialegion.org.



Labor Market Information & Future Ready Iowa

Iowa Workforce Development LogoThe Workforce Needs Assessment survey is an annual employer survey conducted by Iowa Workforce Development. Employers are asked to provide information regarding both their current level of employment and their current and expected job vacancies. The goal of the survey is to collect data regarding the demand for workers and the skills required of workers, both statewide and regionally. You can search for and view the Laborshed Report by city or county.


For additional help on determining career opportunities in Iowa, visit the Future Ready Iowa website. The site connects job seekers to tools for finding education, training and jobs. It uses Labor Market Information to identify the number of jobs, the average median income and what training is required within a geographically determined distance from the job seeker.

Website features include: Iowa's Career Coach, Career Exploration, Education and Training Opportunities, Financial Resources and Finding a Job


Pottawattamie County Business Partners

County Business Partner logoHome Base Iowa (HBI) Businesses are the centerpiece of the HBI effort. Veterans who have served and are looking for a career in Iowa can research any of the over 1,200 HBI Businesses. Each business has committed to hiring transitioning service members and veterans for semi-skilled and skilled positions in Iowa. 

Many of these businesses actively attend job fairs to recruit veterans. Based on an Iowa Business Council report, the program has already provided over 2,000 jobs for veterans. HBI businesses also provide donations to assist with marketing efforts. View HBI Job Openings throughout the state and HBI businesses in Pottawattamie County.



An Introduction to CHAMPs

Iowa Department of Education logoIowa provides qualified veterans, their spouses and dependents in-state tuition at Iowa's colleges and universities. Certified Higher Academic Military Partners (CHAMPs) offer premium higher education incentives. In order for institutions to become a CHAMPs partner, at least nine out of 12 criteria in three categories must be met. Categories include transitional considerations, financial considerations and on-campus resources. These higher learning centers often offer on-campus support, consistent credit for military courses and provide special financial considerations. View a full list and learn more about all CHAMPs institutions in Iowa.

*There are currently no CHAMPs partners in this county. Please check surrounding communities or CHAMPs partners offering online programs.*