Central Iowa Sheet Metal Workers Apprenticeship

About Us
About Us: 
The Sheet Metal Workers apprenticeship is a 4 year apprenticeship. Apprentices work 40 hours a week for one of our signatory contractors and attend at least 208 hours of related training per year, in the evenings and Saturdays. After the 4 years of related training and on the job training has been completed, the apprentice will become a journey person and take advantage of the wages and benefits it has to offer. Although most of our contractors are based in the Des Moines area, we also have contractors in Ft. Dodge Iowa and the Sheet Metal Workers serve all of central Iowa.
Company Information
4534 NW 6th Drive
Des Moines, IA 50313
United States
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Training Coordinator
(515) 262-7421
Locations and Industry Information
Locations by County: 
Polk, Warren, Dallas, Madison, Webster
Locations by City: 
Des Moines, Fort Dodge
Primary Industry: 
Production & Manufacturing; Construction; Installation, Repair & Maintance
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Minimum qualifications to become a sheet metal apprentice are; 18 years of age, high school diploma or GED/HighSet certificate, Valid drivers license, must take and receive a minimum of Silver on the National Careers Readiness Certificate test, administered by the Iowa Workforce Development. When a applicant has met the minimum qualifications, the applicant will qualify to be interviewed.