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About Us: 
The Carpenter and Millwright Apprenticeship Program is a program designed to help Veterans earn while they learn without accruing college debt. Veterans are also given the opportunity of utilizing their G.I. Bill while enrolled into this state accredited program! Each apprentice is assigned a contractor (also known as a Sponsor) to enhance on-the-job skills but is also exposed to the classroom setting four times per year to learn skills in a controlled environment. After successful completion of the four year program, the apprentice graduates as a journeyman within our organization and with the Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship. Additional classes are offered for those interested in advancing into leadership and management roles. Additional benefits include excellent wages, health care, dental care and a great pension plan!
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2160 E Douglas Ave
Des Moines, IA 50313
United States
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Training Coordinator
(402) 345-8658
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Sioux City, Cedar Rapids
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Veterans will want to apply in person at the desired training center and bring: 1 form of picture identification, copy of high school diploma or GED and a copy of their DD-214. From there, the applicant will be sent for a pre-indenture drug screen and then be officially enrolled in the program! A Business Representative will assistant the veteran in finding a sponsor/employer. Wage increases are accomplished by the apprentice completing 700 hours of on-the-job training and 80 hours of classroom instruction. All increments are automatic and done in 5% increments until the individual reaches full journeyman wage.
Veterans entering the Carpenter and Millwright Apprenticeship are awarded Direct Entry into the program meaning they are awarded preference without having a sponsor assigned first. Previous experience is also closely evaluated for potential advanced placement!